Panel Discussion: How to Use Networking to Build, Grow and Brand Yourself

Put down your cell phone, turn off the computer and get dressed. Its time to propel your success with face-to-face, business-to-business connections.

Its time to NETWORK…

Love it or hate it, it’s worth your time and effort to build your network. You will not only grow your business but also improve your personal growth. Our panel will discuss networking tips that will increase your sphere of influence. Learn the secrets of this valuable tool to accelerate business growth.

You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people Interested in you.
– Dale Carnegie
If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.
– African Proverb

Our Panelists

Linda Fostek, The Crisis Planner

Linda Fostek is an international speaker, author and consultant on a mission to empower others to get off the worry-go-round and become their own master of disaster. Linda knows first-hand how preparation and planning empowers companies and individuals to not only navigate but also thrive when blindsided by life. Her expertise, kind heart and compassion guides others through planning for life’s inevitable disasters, be they personal or natural. Inspired by her late father, Norbert Osiecki, Linda carries on his legacy through her recent books: “And Now What?” and “Shit Happens.”

Her passion for networking inspired Linda’s Amazon best-selling book, “Love/Hate Networking.” She was named 2017 Networker of the year by the prominent Long Island Networking resource, 516/631 Ads.

Linda is the co-leader of two chapters of Women’s Prosperity Network, a Certified Speaker, and a member of The One Philosophy Founders Circle.

Lisa Albinowski, Real Estate Broker, Coldwell Banker

Lisa Albinowski held the SCWBEC Chairwoman position from 2013-2016 and has been an active Board Member since 2005. She continues to support the organization as a Sponsorship Director. A New York State Licensed Real Estate Broker, Lisa ran her own Real Estate Business and is currently working as an Associate Broker at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage.

Lisa holds a Seniors Real Estate Specialist Designation. She offers resources to assist seniors and their families through the transition associated with the sale of their home. Helping seniors is near and dear to Lisa’s heart. She has personal experience with her own parents, and she worked in an assisted living community as Director of Community Relations.

Lisa attributes much of her real estate success to her commitment to developing a lifetime partnership with her clients. Lisa has personal knowledge of the power of network referrals and how to optimize networking skills.

Raffelina Cipriano, Primerica

Raffelina Cipriano is currently the Vice Chair of SCWBEC and has held other board positions that include Professional Development.

Raffelina is an independent contractor with Primerica, the largest independent financial services marketing company in North America. She is actively involved with the “Women in Primerica” movement and hosts Financial Wellness workshops throughout her community, where she strives to empower women to take the right steps towards financial independence.

Raffelina’s networking skills surfaced in college, where she formed a sorority that is still strong today. She has excelled in networking as an HIA-LI member and Co-chair of the Membership Committee, where she works to develops members’ businesses as well as her own. Her involvement and leadership accomplishments are due to her success as a networker.

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