Brookhaven National Lab

Contact : Jill Clough-Johnston | (631) 344-3173 |

BNL advances fundamental research in nuclear and particle physics to gain a deeper understanding of matter, energy, space, and time; apply photon sciences and nanomaterials research to energy challenges of critical importance to the nation; and perform cross-disciplinary research on climate change, sustainable energy, and Earth’s ecosystems.

Brookhaven Town Council

Brookhaven Town Purchasing Department

The Town of Brookhaven Division of Purchasing procures supplies, materials, equipment, construction of buildings and various other services including telecommunications, and overseeing the various functions of the Town’s Mail room operations, Central Print Shop/Copy Center and Central Receiving.

Empire State Development

Contact : Aida Reyes-Kuehn | (631) 435-0717 |

Information on MWBE certification and small businesses

Empire State Development Small Business Division

Empire State Development’s Division for Small Business is established in New York State Economic Development Law to represent the interests of small businesses and to support the development and expansion of small businesses with under 100 employees. The Division directs a wide array of programs and initiatives to support small businesses.

ESD Division of MWBD – NYC Office

Nassau County Purchasing

New York State Assembly

Contact : (631) 589-0348

New York State Procurement: Customer Services

Contact : Chris Trombley | (518) 486-7323 |

New York State Procurement continually renews its portfolio of centralized commodities, technology, and services contracts in order to provide the most economical and up-to-date purchasing tools for use by state agencies, municipalities, schools, and other entities authorized by law to use OGS contracts. At any given time, there are approximately 2,500 such contracts in place, valued at over $5 billion annually. Generally, a centralized contract is established through an open, price-based competitive bid process among eligible businesses for the purchase of commodities. Service and technology contracts are procured using a “best value” methodology.

New York State Senate

Contact : Tom D. Croci | (631) 360-3356 |