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Intergenerational Communication

Whether you are a Millennial, Gen X, Baby Boomer or Traditionalist, research shows that the more we learn about each other and the way we are comfortable communicating, the more effective we will be with interacting with our employees and our customers. Learn how to increase your communication skills with this program.

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Patricia Barrington, Dr. PatVIP

1034 Spur Dr. South, Bay Shore , NY - 11706 (631) 334-8368

I am a minister, educator, speaker and Philanthropic leader. I speak on "How to Overcome Self-Beliefs to Live a VIP (Victory, Influence, and Power) Life" Through coaching, I empower women who are stuck and frustrated to reinvent themselves and eliminate these self-limiting beliefs through a a five-step process and step into a life of purpose and a life they love.

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