Professional Workshops

We organize short seminars that are held after the Monthly Meeting several times throughout the year. These Workshops provide attendees with information to develop personally and professionally.

MWBE Application Workshop - Get Certified

Attend this "working session" led by Grace Ionnidis, Director, Department of Women's Services, Suffolk County.

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MWBE - Already Certified Workshop: Steps to Secure Contracts

Those who are already MWBE certified will learn the steps to secure a private or government contract.

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Design a Vision for Your Life – Workshop

Do you set a vision for yourself at the start of every New Year? Many of us do, and we find it helps us stay focused to meet our goals. If you haven’t in the past, let 2020 be the year you move your life forward, both professionally and personally.

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July Workshop: The Art of Negotiation

Why the Art of Negotiation, Why Not the Science?

  • Have you ever negotiated with a car sales person, a family member or a client, and felt you could have done better?
  • When you think of negotiation, what comes to mind?
Learn how you can improve your negotiation skills!
Note: Workshop is Free to attend. Please RSVP, so we hold the spot for you.

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Explore Possibilities and Bring Your Vision to Life

The objective of this workshop is to inspire participants to create a vision for their future and develop the tools necessary to help them realize it. Using images and creative visualization is a powerful and effective way to gain clarity and stay focused on the path to alignment and goal achievement.
Separate RSVP is required for the workshop.  Click Here to RSVP.

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