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February 2022

Sponsor February 10 meeting and promote your business to meeting attendees. Also enjoy visibility in the monthly Newsletter and on our Social sites.

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November 2021


280 Main Street, Farmingdale, NY - 11735 (516) 420-0013 kim@kgidesigngroup.com

Hi! I am Kim, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of KGI Design Group. For over 25 years, my NYS/NYC certified woman-owned creative solutions agency has been developing strategically branded print and digital marketing materials that tell a story, visually compel viewers, and engage the clients business owners are trying to reach. We offer hi-end 3D rendering for construction as well. Our team of design, marketing, and digital professionals help businesses say 'hello' and stay connected! Hello!

October 2021

Felicia Telep-Kasow, Pure Mammography

570 Smith Haven Mall, Lake Grove, NY - 11755 (631) 652-3424 ftelep@puremammo.com

Pure Mammography is simple. They make potentially life-saving mammograms hassle-free, convenient, and relaxing so that women never have a reason to miss their annual exam. It is very simple NO prescription needed, NO appointment, Spa environment and NO out of pocket expense! With a very warm and caring staff. Pure operates on mall hours, including weekends and evenings.

September 2021

Linda Fostek, The Science Labs

16 Graystone Drive, East Northport, NY - 11731 (631) 368-5005 lindafostek@yahoo.com

Our Children and Grandchildren are the future problem solvers of tomorrow. Nuturing their curiosity, creativity and problem solving skills is essential. Looking things up only tells you what is or has been. It cannot tell you what could be. Welcome to The Science Labs, an inovative, interactive learning program for young children 4-7 years-old. We make science fun and turn complainers into problem solvers. Together we can unwrap their special gifts for an amazing future for us all.

June 2021

Dafna Adler, Interiors by Dafna Adler

306 Maple Street, West Hempstead, NY - 11552 (516) 220-1534 dafna.z.adler@gmail.com

Interior Design Services that promote health and well-being in the home. Dafna Adler collaborates with busy professionals and business owners in order to have their homes reflect their lifestyle and aesthetic. Services are offered at different levels. Designer-for-a-day, Designer-on-call, or Full-service Design are available. We begin with a complimentary discovery call where we determine if we are the right firm to work on your project www. Interiorsbydafnaadler.com/services1

May 2021

SHAYNA Melissa Stockman Holistic Healer, RN & Board Certified NURSE Practitioner, BioHackNP/RejuvN8

Route 25A, Rocky Point, NY - 11764 (631) 275-3465 mstock2247@gmail.com

Shayna Melissa Stockman is a #1 International BestSelling Author, a Holistic Healer & Board Certified NURSE Practitioner for 3 decades. She helps women when specialists can't, so they can heal from within, reverse dis-order, rid symptoms, re-energize, feel better and be happier, often without meds. Shayna herself went from heart failure, overdosed by the doctors and left hopeless by the specialists to healing herself without meds, and now helps others when specialists can't, so they too can feel better and be happier. Her new inspirational book, Overcoming Life Obstacles, will provide hope and empower you with the tools you need to overcome various life obstacles, and at an expedited pace. For Shayna's next edition of Overcoming Life Obstacles, she will select others to share their stories of how they overcame. It will help broaden their exposure and expand their businesses to increase revenue. To purchase the book or be considered for the next edition, visit www.OvercomingLifeObstacles.com

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