20 Oct

The October 2019 Monthly Meeting Recap

If you missed the SCWBEC Panel at our October 2019 meeting, here are some of the highlights from how you can Unleash Your Full Potential to Master Business Success. There are simple lifestyle changes we can make to enhance our productivity and improve the success of our businesses.

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26 Jul

WHAT OUR PANEL SHARED – Rising Above Fears

July 11, 2019 SCWBEC Panel Meeting Our panelists shared their personal experiences of how they faced fears in business to overcome the hurdles that could have held them back. Our thanks go out to the panel whose words were both palliative and encouraging. Here’s a recap of the advice they offered. Dorothena Bonham, CEO of Shock & Vibe Inc. Dorothena is an Electrical Engineer in the Aerospace/Defense, HVAC/Commercial, Oil/Gas and Transportation Industries. She has faced some tough decisions over her 30-year career. Dorothena encouraged the audience not to be afraid of what has not yet been done. Fear of the... Read More
01 Jul

TO HIRE OR NOT TO HIRE – What We Learned

June’s monthly meeting presentation addressed an important question related to business growth, and a “problem” our membership has today or aspires to have in the future. Mary Simmons from Portnoy, Messinger, Pearl and Associates covered the issues faced by business owners when it’s time to consider hiring an employee. Mary discussed not only when you should hire, but she also shared sound reasoning behind situations when hiring an employee is not the best solution for a business. She also discussed compliance issues that every employer needs to understand. If you didn’t take enough notes or weren’t able to make the... Read More