Programs & Presentations

We offer Programs at all SCWBEC Monthly Meetings. The meetings and programs are open to all who attend and focus on how to grow and improve your business, these are presented by industry professionals.

Microsoft Office 365 Unleashed

See how Microsoft 365 can make your business more effective TODAY! Microsoft Office 365 comes with a powerful NEW set of apps that can IMMEDIATELY make a major impact on your business. Be sure to attend this presentation to learn how you can use these power tools to Supercharge your Business with Workflow Automation.

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Virtual Stand-up Comedy

Laughter is the Best Medicine with National Headliners Missy Hall, and Vanessa Hollingshead, and Featuring LI’s Kyle Kratzke

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Speed Networking!

Speed Networking can serve as a mastermind group where you can learn and share with other group members. These connections can provide major opportunities for your business. What opportunities are you looking for in 2021?

Join us to see the possibilities!

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Staying Motivated as a Business Owner Now!

In these times of uncertainty, growing a business can be scary, but now is the time for you to lean into opportunity and set up your company to win. We will discuss how to stay motivated while making these very important decisions and how to be strategic as you choose which streams of income to create and expand. You're in for a treat!

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Visioning For 2021

In this course Sandra Beck will show you how to make a vision board that will enable you to manifest your dreams. You will learn the science and metaphysics behind why visions boards work so well. You will learn about the big mistake that people often make when using the law of attraction which actually ends up magnifying their own limiting beliefs and how to avoid it. You will learn how to uncover your true core desires and dreams.

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The New Norm: Learning How to Conduct Business Virtually

Has the way that you do business changed drastically over the past 6 months?
Now it's time to take our businesses to the next level to move from doing to mastering. Learn best practices designed to master conducting business virtually with lawyer, mediator and negotiator Damali Peterman, CEO and Founder of Breakthrough ADR LLC and Damali Law LLC. In this workshop, we will discuss tips, pitfalls and trends to help you navigate existing and new challenges in the virtual space.

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