Programs & Presentations

We offer Programs at all SCWBEC Monthly Meetings. The meetings and programs are open to all who attend and focus on how to grow and improve your business, these are presented by industry professionals.

A Creative Approach to Review 2019 and Plan 2020

Get ready for an innovative, unique approach to review 2019 and prime your business for the new year. There will be NO traditional goal setting! You’ll have fun and leave with your theme that can guide every part of your business throughout 2020. Having a theme is a fabulous tool to help you make choices and motivate you when you’re having days filled with frustration. Come join us for this interactive experience.

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October Panel Discussion: Unleash Your Full Potential to Master Business Success

There are simple lifestyle changes we can make to enhance our productivity and improve the success of our businesses. Join our panel discussion on how to manage stress and revitalize your business through healthy living.

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Installation of 2019/2020 Board of Directors

All are invited to witness the Installation of the SCWBEC Board of Directors for the 2019/2020 term. This year, SCWBEC celebrates its 30th anniversary, and the celebrations begin at this important event. We will also take time at this ceremony to recognize our sponsors. SCWBEC’s  history as a transformative resource to women business owners has been built on partnerships with the many successful organizations that support us.

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Speed-Networking 2019

Make a Date to meet your next best client and some new colleagues at the highly anticipated and always enjoyable SCWBEC Speed Networking. Be sure you don’t miss this exciting and effective way to make new business connections.

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Panel Discussion: Rise Above Fear to Achieve Success

Who hasn't experienced fear while in business? Meet the panel who will be addressing the topic that affects us all. As business owners and entrepreneurs, we take risks, and these risks often result in fear or anxiety. Our panel will discuss common sources of professional fears and how to work through them to move your business forward.

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