Programs & Presentations

We offer Programs at all SCWBEC Monthly Meetings. The meetings and programs are open to all who attend and focus on how to grow and improve your business, these are presented by industry professionals.

Virtual Wellness Retreat

Attend our interactive Zoom meeting where we you can learn effective methods to enhance your personal wellness. You will be given the opportunity to meet with four health and wellness specialists during the program, and each offer tips on her specific area of specialization.

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Break Through Negative Obstacles to Improve Your Quality of Life

There are a multitude of obstacles individuals face in life. They may be preventing you from accomplishing your goals and projects. We will be looking at three obstacles that are extremely common: time management, failure to start, and failure to finish. There are solutions! Join us to find out what they are.

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Calm Amidst a Crisis: Stress Management for Entrepreneurs During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

Although running and growing a business comes with it's own stresses, doing so during the COVID-19 pandemic has come with additional challenges that only exacerbate our stress.  This interactive workshop offers a space to discuss  your experiences during this crisis and learn evidence-based strategies for managing stress during the pandemic and beyond.

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Dynamic Marketing + Visual Branding = Success!

Wow your audience with best practices of marketing and brand strategy. Join us on Facebook Live as we discuss how to use best marketing and branding choices to accelerate your business success.

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Ignite Your Sales in 2020

Get inspired and drive up your sales with best practices and success tactics from a proven sales leader. Learn how to pivot your mindset and position your value for extraordinary success. Your sales savvy will soar as you learn best practices and realize what mistakes could be affecting your bottom line. Gain ideas for working smarter rather than harder and outperform the competition.

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