Programs & Presentations

We offer Programs at all SCWBEC Monthly Meetings. The meetings and programs are open to all who attend and focus on how to grow and improve your business. These are presented by industry professionals.

The 5 Critical Elements in Building YOUR Solid Foundation

Overwhelmed and unsure of how to handle their Digital Marketing? Learn about “The Foundation”, a simple Five-Step (5) Process created and developed by PS Digital, to help Business Owners generate qualified leads and increase profits...!!

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From Stress to Success: Achieve Greater Results with More Ease

Learn how to tame your inner judge and take action on the things you want using the powers of Positive Intelligence. You'll discover the tools that thousands of CEOs are using to reach their true potential and live with less stress. And you will take away actionable tools to use immediately for accelerated success and happiness.

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Building Your Business with Trade Shows

The Live Events industry, which includes Trade Shows, is an expansive one that creates millions of jobs, generates billions of dollars in spending, and adds more than a trillion dollars in gross production to the United States economy. Laura Palker will share tips on how trade shows can put your growth plan on the fast track.

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Using a Podcast to Market Your Business

Learn about podcasting and how you can use this expanding medium to market your small business.

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Preparing your business for the challenges and opportunities in 2022 - Part 2

Edgard Hernandez, Executive Director of Atlas Collective will share more tips and tools to keep your business prepared for 2022.

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