Programs & Presentations

We offer Programs at all SCWBEC Monthly Meetings. The meetings and programs are open to all who attend and focus on how to grow and improve your business. These are presented by industry professionals.

Transferring Business Risk and Mitigating Potential Exposure

The presentation will focus on risk transfer and mitigation in all types of businesses, through understanding your potential insurance, defense and indemnification obligations in your business agreements.

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Secrets of ChatGPT for Business Owners

Beginner and advanced techniques and lead generation, contact creation and client conversion presented by Presenter: Michael Zinn, Founder, Photozinnthesis

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Podcasting 101 for Small Businesses

Learn about podcasting and how you can use this expanding medium to market your small business.

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Employment Law Pitfalls for Small Businesses

Learn about navigating the intricate landscape of employment law for compliance driven small businesses.

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5Ls - Live the Balance

This month’s presenter, Michael J. Mannix, delivers a talk on The 5Ls – The Gift of a Balance Life, which facilitates the continuous pursuit of achieving balance in 5 essential life elements.

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Panel Discussion: Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs of Long Island & Honoring the 34-year Legacy of SCWBEC.

Our esteemed panel, comprised of past and present SCWBEC Board of Directors chairs, will provide a captivating exploration of the organization's evolution.

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