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SCWBEC is a not-for-profit 501 (C) 3 supported through fundraising events and sponsorships. Members receive a monthly newsletter and have many opportunities to promote their business through sponsorship, networking and membership meetings.  We also offer a $2,000 award every year to a qualifying member!

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To Hire or Not To Hire - That is Only One of the Questions!

As a business owner, how can you determine if the time is right to hire a new employee? Should you hire an independent contractor or an employee? Small businesses often find themselves in a quandary when the time comes to consider hiring an employee. This presentation will answer the difficult questions facing the solo-owner.

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Breakfast Sponsor

Doreen Guma, Time to Play

1075 Route 112Lower Level, Port Jefferson Station, NY - 11776 (631) 331-2675 doreen@timetoplay.com

We Believe Everyone Can Enjoy Life. Even in Our Workplaces. At the Time to Play Foundation, we strive to empower people and give them tools so they can succeed and create quality of life. The Foundation’s goal is to provide proactive education, ideas and resources for people so they can create a better life for themselves, their families and their community. Programs for individuals, workplaces and neighborhoods.