New Members

June 2022

Angelina Napoli
Owner, Angies Creations

Natalia Sandor
Owner /Founder, Sand Bars Handcrafted

May 2022

Bertha Portalatin
Owner/Operator, Painting with a Twist

Dinorah Rosich
Owner, Dinorahs Creations

Katherine Dean
President/CEO, Living Your Worth, Inc.

Lisa Stulz
Loan Originator, South Shore Mortgage

Maria Pologeorgis
Owner, Sacred Rose Herb & Root Magickal Apotheke

Michelle Taormina
President, Michelle Taormina

Rasheed Davis
Owner, Azartin Laundry Care

Regina Finkelstein
Owner, DoctorPromo

April 2022

Alyssa Parsons
President, Devised With Love Corp

Jennifer Leveque
Co-Funder, Whipped Lash New York, Inc.

Jodi Brust
President/Owner, American Dream Abstract. Inc.

Julianna Sandoval
President, Kidz Play, Inc

llse Trent
Owner, Crafted Blessings

Michelle Taormina
President, Michelle Taormina

Stella Krasinski
Owner, Exotic Eagle Inc.

Stephanie Burke
CEO, The Self-Empowered Leader

Subrina Oliver
CEO, O-High Technologies, LLC

March 2022

Yesenia Reyes
President, AAA Housewares Inc.

Kimberley Henkel
Owner, Skintique Beauty

Sylvie Bordzuk

Alexandrea LaFata
President, Vegan Muse

Ilse Trent
Owner, Crafted Blessings

Jennifer Leveque
Co-Founder, Whipped Lash New York, Inc.

Stella Krasinski
Owner, Exotic Eagle, Inc.

Crystal Daubaras
President, Good Mojo Printing, Inc.

February 2022

Taneka Jones
Owner, Super Diva Kid’s Spa Inc.

Natalie Lynch
Owner/Certified Master Life Coach, Empowering Beautiful Souls

Kerri Passamenti
Licensed Real Estate Salespersons, REMAX Integrity Leaders

Jenniffer Firpo
Founder & CEO, JVsion Advertising, LLC

Janna Rodriguez
President, The Innovative Daycare Corp
CSEA/ ECE on the Move

January 2022

Gillian Tucker
Executive Coach, Gillian Dunn Coaching

Fabiola Turner
Director, Star Bright Child Care

Jennie McCoy
Owner, LoeeCraft

Lara Rasmussen
CEO, Conceptual Network Solutions, Inc.