Dawn Pelletteri, founder and CEO of The First Step in Faith L.L.C., provided an inspirational talk about overcoming the obstacles, both professional and personal, that can blur your vision. And without the benefit of a clear vision, it’s difficult to move you and your business forward.

Sadly, the elderly or sick will most often say that their biggest regret is not living a life that was true to who they are.

What do you do with your time? Did you ever think about how you balance business time with your personal life? The “split” is your own – there’s no right or wrong answer, but you need a balance that works for you in order to find real happiness.

How do you move forward from A to B? With clarity. Earlier in her career, Dawn found that she was surviving, not thriving. She had a jewelry line and she wrote and published a book, “Designed for More,” that discussed the idea of a designer life, which is the life you were meant to live. These products were going great for Dawn, until they weren’t.

That’s when she learned that for true success, you need to open yourself up to things that aren’t necessarily the focus of your vision. In other words, when your vision becomes blurred, use your power and integrity to refocus and bring yourself to where you belong. And what you focus on comes back to you.

When the vision is clear, results will appear.

For more information or to speak with Dawn, contact her at thefirststepinfaith@gmail.com.