Couldn’t make the November meeting? “A Creative Approach to Review 2019 and Plan 2020” was a highly interactive and engaging workshop with a fabulous, creative facilitator, Alyse Parise.

Here’s what you missed:

Exactly as the title suggested, we used insightful questions to provide a fun approach to a 2019 review.  And with new themes set for what’s ahead – we’re ready to rock in 2020! This approach makes planning easier and provides a tool to keep us going on occasions when things become frustrating.

Consider what makes (or has made) you happiest in your life and in your business. The packed room wrote representations of their memories and shared these personal observations with other SCWBEC members. It was a fun exercise using colored pens and designs to stimulate the imagination. For the next step, participants were encouraged to take their theme and apply it to a project for 2020.

After all, you take yourself to work every day. You are the core of your business. You need to determine if your story requires rewriting or simply a tweaking. Attendees agreed that this was much more interesting than traditional goal setting. No same old, same old.

Thanks, Alyse, for opening our eyes and our minds to inform through our weaknesses and reform through our strengths.

We’re looking forward to great things in 2020!