Virtual Wellness Retreat

Attend our interactive Zoom meeting where we you can learn effective methods to enhance your personal wellness. You will be given the opportunity to meet with four health and wellness specialists during the program, and each offer tips on her specific area of specialization.

3 Surefire Ways to Boost Energy, Vitality, and Productivity

You don’t have to suffer through a bland, boring diet or feel deprived in order to achieve a high level of health. Instead, give your health a big boost while you enjoy life and look forward to your meals! In this workshop, we will learn three practices we can start right away to boost our energy and vitality and improve productivity.


Jill Cruz is passionate about helping people achieve their dreams. She believes that we CAN have it all; health, happiness, passion, love, fun, creativity, and whatever else we desire! Jill specializes in weight loss, balancing blood sugar and hormones, improving fitness performance, and overall health optimization.

Jill has a Master of Science degree in Human Nutrition and she is a Board Certified Nutrition Specialist with a strong background in functional medicine. She truly embraces her mantra: “Eat Nutritious, Enjoy Delicious, Be Judicious”

Meditation to relieve survival modes of anxiety, stress and discontent

Diane Gordon, Energy Facilitator, will guide us through a short mindful meditation that can be utilized anytime and anywhere it is needed. Diane will share a process to take our body, mind, and spirit, to a new level of ‘calm,’ where we can clear our mind of unrest to relieve survival modes of anxiety, stress, and discontent.


Diane Gordon is an Energy Facilitator and EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner, also known as ‘Tapping.’  She integrates Meditation, Reiki, Body Movement, and other various Energy Techniques into her practice to help her clients with issues related to the emotional, mental, and physical pain that creates energy blockages in the body.

Diane attended Stony Brook University and is a graduate of the International Metaphysical University where she received her certification in EFT, and continually attends seminars related to ‘Energy Healing.’ She is a board member of Independent Business Women’s Circle.

Being Present with Love & Kindness

Through these times of change, are you feeling a bit out of sorts with feelings, movement, breathing and uncertainty?  Sheryl will bring awareness to your breath using breathing techniques and movement in the body to release tension or stress and to embrace feelings allowing yourself to let go.  During this time together it is important to have fun with no stress and no judgment – just SMILE!


Sheryl Oleksak is an 500 E-RYT with Yoga Alliance, along with other certifications.  She is also a piano instructor, Certified Thai Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, and co-founder of STRENGTH & SERENITY retreats. Sheryl shares her passion through yoga and music in a variety of yoga studios and wellness facilities in New York and beyond.

Naturopathic Medicine & Your Health

Join Dr. Dawn Siglain as she shares highlights about Naturopathic medicine.  Getting to the root cause of disease answers questions to ailments and provides true healing.  Individualized recommendations using proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle changes, and proper supplementation brings the body back to balance, providing what it needs to find optimal wellness.


Dr. Dawn Siglain is a Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, and Reiki practitioner in Huntington and New York City who believes in the body’s innate ability to heal itself when treated with nature and compassion. Combining both western and eastern modalities allows an opportunity to address patients’ needs in their own specific way.

Dr. Dawn specializes in autoimmune conditions. She is a Board Certified physician in CT and a member of both the New York and the American Associations of Naturopathic Physicians.

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