Ready, Set, Goals….Setting Yourself Up for Success in 2019

With Stephanie DiNozzi

In case you missed the first SCWBEC meeting of 2019, here are a few timely tips from Stephanie DeNozzi’s presentation that will get you on track for a prosperous year!

There are so many moving pieces in our lives, it’s easy to get pulled off track. Set goals that will propel you forward and keep you moving towards something better…without getting caught up in the minutia.

As a review – We’ve all heard of SMART goals, which are vital to success. Your smart goals should be:

Time bound

But did you know that the smart goals you set are stepping stones towards achieving your DUMB goals?

Method friendly
Behavior driven

The magic is in where you put the emphasis; in the dream (DUMB) goals or in the details (SMART). If you start with the details, you won’t get to your dreams, but if you start with your dreams the details will follow. Try flipping the switch: instead of having a SMART goal, “I have to lose 25 pounds;” change the negative into a DUMB positive goal, “I will look terrific!”

Once you have your goals set, there are three keys to help you successfully achieving them:


  • Visualize achieving your goal to make it real.
  • Revisit your goals weekly and rate yourself to stay on track.
  • Talk it up. Verbalize and share goals for accountability and encouragement.
Best wishes for success in 2019 from everyone at SCWBEC!