Life On Track With A Crystal Clear Vision

Erin Ley will share the significance of having a crystal-clear vision, personally and professionally. When you know exactly what you want, and write down every last detail, then

November Monthly Meeting

Back By Popular Demand in November - Speed Networking!

Join us for an exciting and effective way to make business connections!


November Program: Speed Networking

Back By Popular Demand November! Lets begin filling our 2023 Sales Funnel by connecting with members. Join us for an exciting and effective way to make busines

Create Your Own Vision Board for 2023

Let's get together for a magical workshop that will start with a meditation to visualize your future followed by mapping and planning your 2023 vision!

Create Your Vision Board for 2023 – Workshop

The workshop will immediately follow the general presentation and will be a continuation of the Vision Board presentation. Attendees may choose to stay for the workshop, attend

Best Practices for a Successful Business

Learn how to effectively manage collections for your business. Discover best practices for setting up payment terms, maintaining accurate records, implementing collection proced

Building Your Personal Branding

Personal branding involves creating and promoting an image or identity to advance ones career or business goals. Carolina Luna, as a Personal Brand Photographer, will offer stra