Myth Busters: Cybersecurity Edition!

Cyber crime has tripled since the beginning of the pandemic. Criminals have developed the most sophisticated ways of accessing your information. The scams are not as obvious as that rich Prince from India. Government entities, banks and national corporations are being mimicked to deceive individuals and businesses of all sizes.  Everyone is at risk! 

Techworks Consulting CEO Chris Coluccio debunks the top 10 misconceptions when it comes to Cyber Security. Learn more about keeping your devices and information safe in this increasingly digital world. Join us so you can be better prepared against cyber-attacks!

Presenter : Chris Coluccio, Techworks Consulting, Inc.

From his early years, Chris had a love of computers, coding his first program at the age of 8. He went on to study Computer Science at Dowling College. During that time, he worked on such projects as the “Big Dig” in Boston and large construction projects in Manhattan. He went on to become the IT Administrator of one of the largest print manufacturers on Long Island. It was during that time the building blocks of Techworks began. In 2002, he was able to make his dream a reality. Chris is widely-recognized for his vigorous advocacy of technological innovations and high standards for quality support and services. Having over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, Chris has worked with numerous companies spanning various industries providing services to keep their organizations running smoothly and securely.

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Aug 12, 2021 - Aug 12, 2021

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8:00 am - 10:00 am

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150 Motor Parkway Hauppauge, NY 11788 United States






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