Staying Motivated as a Business Owner Now!

In these times of uncertainty, growing a business can be scary, but now is the time for you to lean into opportunity and set up your company to win. More than ever before, companies have had to pivot, rethink operations, develop new streams of revenue, all while keeping the lights on and the staff paid.

We will discuss how to stay motivated while making these very important decisions and how to be strategic as you choose which streams of income to create and expand. And most importantly, how to ensure you are paid as the head person in charge.

Get ready to learn a powerful framework to set you and your business up for rapid growth. You’re in for a treat!

Presenter : Tai Abrams, AdmissionSquad, Inc.

Tai Abrams, MA, is the Founder and CEO of AdmissionSquad, Inc., a notable podcast host and the best selling author of Who Am I? An A-Z Career Guide for Teens, with a mission to position 10,000 children to get on the school-to-wealth pipeline where they can reap the rewards of gaining access to a high quality education and the soft skills training to thrive post graduation. In it’s sixth year of operation, AdmissionSquad provides virtual, high quality test prep/academic enrichment programs to get highly motivated middle schoolers into top NYC high schools. As a graduate of Bronx Science, Duke University and now Brooklyn College, Tai is leveraging her educational expertise to build quality programming for our youth that will position them for success. AdmissionSquad was proud to quadruple in size during the pandemic and looks forward to continuing to build more capacity to support students in NYC.

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Feb 11, 2021 - Feb 11, 2021

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