Maximize Exhibits with Email Campaigns

Presenter : Sue Glenn, Diverse Marketing & Web Design

To get the most exposure and have a successful showcase at an Expo, you need to have a well thought out marketing campaign.

Just because a show is on your prospect’s calendar, they won’t magically show up at your booth. Many exhibitors order promotional items, print glossy literature copies, make sure their signage is on point, and then they show up at their booth and wait. If you want to stand out and rise above the noise, you should personally invite people to visit you at your booth. This is a professional way to show you’re thinking of them, and they will view you in a new light when they see how you interact with others. Don’t miss the opportunity to get valuable one-on-one time with event attendees.

Your Expo strategy should include email touchpoints before, during AND after a show.

Learn how to create email campaigns that will garner the best results for your business by turning attendees at your booth into valuable leads after the show has ended.

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