Calm Amidst a Crisis: Stress Management for Entrepreneurs During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

Although running and growing a business comes with its own stresses, doing so during the COVID-19 pandemic brings additional challenges that only exacerbate our stress.  This interactive workshop offers a space to discuss your experiences and to learn evidence-based strategies for managing stress during the pandemic and beyond.

Presenter: Dawn Shedrick, LCSW-R, Founder and CEO of JenTex Training & Consulting

Our presenter this month is Dawn Shedrick, LCSW-R, Founder and CEO of JenTex Training & Consulting. Dawn is a licensed clinical social worker, trainer, consultant and certified life/business coach with a broad range of experience including clinical mental health practice. Dawn has also designed and delivered workplace wellness seminars in corporate workplaces worldwide.

Dawn is an award-winning lecturer at the Columbia University School of Social Work and St. Joseph’s College (NY) Department of Human Services. She is a doctoral student studying Adult Learning and Leadership at Teachers College-Columbia University where her research and scholarship focus on social work faculty development.

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May 14, 2020 - May 14, 2020

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8:00 am - 10:00 am

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NY United States






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