Break Through Negative Obstacles to Improve Your Quality of Life

Presenter : Susan Emory, Clean Mind Clean Soul

There are a multitude of obstacles individuals face in life. They may be preventing you from accomplishing your goals and projects. We will be looking at three obstacles that are extremely common: time management, failure to start, and failure to finish. There are solutions!

It is so easy to get distracted these days with all the tasks that “need” to be completed. We have the time to be productive. We may just need to learn to manage our time.

Some of us struggle with beginning a project for one reason or another. Others are great at starting projects yet flop when it comes to finishing. Join us in exploring these obstacles and learning possible solutions that will help you improve your productivity.

How? Be honest, open and willing to do the work to make the changes necessary to improve your quality of life.

About the Presenter:

Susan Emory is a Professional Organizer who believes, “When one de-clutters the home, one is able to enjoy a higher quality of life.”

Prior to professional organizing, Susan worked as a special education teacher and then pursued a career with her family’s business. Experiences as an educator and office operator allowed her to utilize and hone organizing skills by finding solutions that work efficiently in the home and office. Like many others, Susan has been challenged throughout her life with obstacle after obstacle. Once Susan realized that she was the constant in all these experiences, she sought help through self-reflection. During this process, she learned that there are a variety of ways to explore her character traits and to understand when she gets in her own way. This is a daily practice and is all about progress, not perfection.

Susan’s experiences as an educator and organizer have been a journey of self-discovery.

Take your journey with us!

Susan Emory
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