An entrepreneur with an explicit idea of what advertising and marketing should be, it was sheer dissatisfaction resulting from what most of the industry offers that drove her to start this innovative agency. A mover and shaker from birth, Jenniffer Firpo grew up in Santiago, DR. Always dreaming about becoming a thought leader, after moving to the U.S. she set sights on earning her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Advertising Design. And, that she did. Jenniffer graduated Cum Laude and soon after began a 10-year career.

Quickly rising through the ranks running successful marketing campaigns, she eventually gained the title of senior account manager. It was her job to sell advertising services and manage projects for major companies such as Marina Maher Communications, Wavemaker from the Group M, Hogan Lovells, the Rockefeller Group, Footlocker, The Weather Channel, and more.

However, even with her success, that above-mentioned dissatisfaction always reared its head. You see, Jenniffer noticed that there was a major lack of empathy and human understanding throughout her industry. Something that should be the cornerstone of gaining clients and helping them attract customers, Jenniffer decided it was time to create something that gave businesses real-world accessibility combined with a clear targeted goal. That is where she decided to found JVsion Advertising agency to help businesses succeed. JVsion: Your Goals, Our Vision!

Even during difficult times, such as the pandemic, Jenniffer didn’t stop working towards her dream and launched her personal brand. Which she uses to help brands with advertising tips. You can find her in any social media to continuing learning from her.