I started my career in the Human Resource field, working for a large advertising agency in NYC.  Fun job!  After being in that area for a few years, I segued into the training field, working as a Training Manager for Cablevision and Vytra Healthcare, where I taught communication skills, customer service, management development and more. This led to a position with Drake Beam Morin, a large outplacement company, where as a Senior Associate, I provided career counseling and facilitated workshops to help those in career transition. While it isn’t easy to get evaluated by program participants after each class, I welcomed the feedback and valued the positive comments of “high energy, informative, positive, and effective”, as I truly love training and seeing the “light bulb go off”. I know it was a challenging time in their lives, and being able to help them move forward was gratifying.
After being in the corporate world for a number of years, I decided to try something completely different – marketing for the largest online wellness shopping club in North America.  I continue to educate others on wellness and how to rid their homes of toxins, while improving the health of their families at the same time. I’ve helped several non profits receive a consistent income from the shopping that my customers do on a regular basis.  This is a great way to bring in monies without asking anyone to spend any money that they weren’t already spending on necessity items they buy all the time.  I also help develop a marketing team for the company.


Finally, I work with International Student Exchange (ISE) to find host families for foreign exchange students coming here from countries all over the world, to attend high school here for the year.  It is my responsibility to also ensure that things are going smoothly after they arrive. I am always looking for those who want to open their hearts and their homes to make lasting relationships and great memories!
* SCWBEC Board Member and Membership Director 2015 – Present and 2007-2009
* Women on the Move (WOTM) Former Board Member
* American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) – Past President
* Women’s Prosperity Network (WPN)
* Cleaning Angels
* The Great South Bay YMCA
* Tutor – Literacy Suffolk
* Boston University’s Career Advisory Network
* BNI – Past Educational Advisor