Letter From Chair

Building the Foundation (Change is in the Air)

It has been an extraordinary first year for me as the SCWBEC Chair. I hope the completion that I feel at the end of my first term extends to our Members and that they have also had a year of personal and business growth that equals or exceeds my own. I look forward to working with SCWBEC Members and our Board of Directors to lead this amazing organization. The Power of Women to do great things, both individually and together, is so inspiring!

But before we surge ahead, let’s take a quick look back. I vividly remember the excitement of my first meeting as Chair on September 9, 2016. Talk about being nervous and stepping outside the box! From there, we made quite an impact with our major events: the Annual Membership Event, which featured Donna Drake; our Annual Holiday Breakfast, where we had fun celebrating and donating personal care items to local women veterans; and our Business Showcase this past April, where Marie Zere, one of our original founders, was honored and brought awareness about SCWBEC that was beyond our typical sphere. Throughout the year, we shared insights from professionals at our monthly meetings that encouraged Members to learn, grow and prosper. All events and meetings promoted SCWBEC’s mission of women business owner empowerment. It’s been a busy year! Here we are ready to do it all again!


We all know that growth can only be successful if it’s built on a strong foundation. This past year, and, in particular, during what I’ve dubbed “Summer of SCWBEC,” we’ve put much effort into assessing, organizing, and initializing operational processes to help secure the future of SCWBEC and continue to bring value to Members, Sponsors, Resources and Advocates. This will give us a strong platform, and will serve as the beating heart for this organization that can be nurtured to grow larger and stronger.

That brings me to some exciting news! Effective September 1, we opened SCWBEC membership to include all Long Island women business owners. Watch for the details on this expansion.

We have a full calendar of inspiring and empowering events planned for the upcoming year. Please mark your calendars to join us and meet women business owners with remarkable talents. I know firsthand, SCWBEC will help you build relationships and lasting friendships that will have a prolific influence on your business and on your life. I’d also like to ask that you get involved. Share your knowledge and expertise, join committees, and have a positive impact on your colleagues. Consider a sponsorship to support all that SCWBEC offers. We’re looking forward to meeting you all, and I extend a special welcome to our friends and colleagues in Nassau, Queens, and Brooklyn!

SCWBEC will continue to build this strong foundation; and looking to the future, I see endless possibilities. Thanks, as always, to the awesome Board of Directors for their dedication and time, our precious Members, Resources and Advocates for their continual support, and our outstanding Sponsors for making it possible.

Lets make 2017-2018 another Awesome Year!

Lorraine Kimmey